Van-Aire Skyport

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Van-Aire Skyport



The next monthly VASC Board of Directors meeting

will convene at 

6:00 pm on June 12, 2023

at the home of 

John Conroy

15682 Duquesne Circle

Brighton, CO 80603



Currently the VASC Board of Directors is comprised of: 


Ed Cole, Treasurer, Block 1A Representative

Tom Edwards, Block 2A Representative

John Conroy, President, Block 2B Representative

Tom Thrall, At-Large Representative 




Visitors and guests

Non-resident visitors and guests of residents wishing to use the Van Aire Skyport Runway, or utilize the Community Common Areas are advised that they do so at their own risk. 


Non-resident visitors are required to complete a Release and Indemnification To Use Airstrip form and familiarize themselves with the Van Aire Skyport Airport Rules and Regulations.  The form may be downloaded from the "Pages and Links" button in the task bar at the top of this page.  After completion, it may then e-mailed to


Guests of Van Aire Skyport residents will be supervised at all times by their resident sponsors and are expected to comnply with published VASC Airport Rules and Regulations.   





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