Van-Aire Skyport

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Van-Aire Skyport

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Next Board Meeting is June 11th, 19:00 (7:00 PM) Brandon's Hangar,

Reminder By-Laws Passed and the Covenants Did Not Pass. Please send recommendations for the nest revision to

As voted on at the Van Aire Skyport Corporation (VASC) membership meeting that was held in January 2020 and as discussed during the May 2020 Board meeting, VASP is instituting an indemnification agreement for all guests utilizing the Van Aire Skyport Cooperation common area. The Released and Indemnification To Use Airstrip must be completed by any guest prior entering the Van Aire Skyport Cooperation Common Area, this includes the runway or any property adjacent to the runway. The “Released and Indemnification To Use Airstrip” form needs to be filled out by the PIC and any passengers (Scanned in as a PDF) then e-mailed to prior to entering the VASC common area, the runway or property adjacent to the runway. Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation in submitting this form.


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