Van-Aire Skyport

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Van-Aire Skyport




The VASC Annual Membership Meeting

will convene at

1:00 pm, January 28, 2023 at the Brighton Recreation Center

555 N 11th Ave

Brighton, CO 80601

A formal agenda for the meeting will be published shortly.


Notice of Board of Directors Vacancies

 The Van Aire Skyport Corporation Board of Directors hereby notifies the Membership that the following Board of Director’s terms will expire on January 31st, 2023:


Block 1A – currently represented by Charles Elliston – Mr. Elliston has agreed to serve another term if re-appointed or re- elected.

Block 1B – currently represented by Bill Teater – Mr. Teater has agreed to serve another term if re-appoointed or re- elected.

At-large Representative – currently represented by Tom Thrall – Mr. Thrall has agreed to serve another term if re-appointed or re-elected.

Block 2A – was previously served by Ted Stallone prior to his resignation in September, 2023 – The Board is actively seeking candidates to fill this position.


If no one steps forward serve as Block 1A, 1B, or At-Large Representative, per the VASC Bylaws, the current Representatives will be reappointed to serve another term.  If no one steps forward to serve as the Block 2A Representative, per the Bylaws, the Board will recruit and appoint a Representative. 


If anyone steps forward to serve in any these positions, per the Bylaws, an election will be held at the VASC Annual Membership Meeting which will convene at


1:00 pm, January 28, 2023

at the

Brighton Recreation Center, 555 North 11th Ave, Brighton Colorado, 80601


If you would like to serve the community as a Director, or you would like to nominate someone who would like to serve as a Director, please notify VASC Office Manager, Mr. Ron Stites, or any current Board Member prior to January 15th, 2023, so your name, or the name of the person you wish to nominate can be printed on ballots prior to the annual membership meeting.


VASC Office Manager, Mr. Ron Stites may be contacted at 912-247-6120 or

Block 1A Representative, Charles Elliston may be contacted at 303-378-2197 or

Block 1B Representative, Bill Teater may be contacted at 303-489-1310 or

Block 2B Representative, John Conroy may be contacted at 303-503-3126 or

VASC At-large Representative, Tom Thrall may be contacted at 830-255-9859 or



Visitors and guests wishing to enter or use the Van Aire Skyport Runway, or community common areas adjacent to the runway must complete a Release and Indemnification To Use Airstrip form.   This form must be completed by the aircraft PIC and any passengers (Scanned in as a PDF) then e-mailed to 

prior to landing, or entering the VASC common area. Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation in submitting this form.  The form may be downloaded from the "Pages and Links" section appearing below.  




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