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Van-Aire Skyport

Van Aire Skyport is a private, residential fly-in community located just east of Brighton, Colorado, about 20 miles northeast of  The Gateway to The Rocky Mountains, Denver, Colorado. 




Good evening, fellow members!
Longtime resident Charlie Buscher has a few things for sale and we thought a mass email would be the best way to advertise them.  Here are the items below, please contact Charlie at 303-659-7354 if interested or would if you'd like more  information.  
Thank you, and have a great evening!!
John Conroy
1956 Cessna C180   TT 2758.5 tach hours 200-250 hours on rebuilt Continental 0-470K engine, 200-250 hours on a new McCauley seaplane propeller.   Damage History:    YES rebuilt by Beegle's in Greeley, CO   Full IFR Panel, 2-Narco COM-120, 1-NAV-124, with GS, 1-AT-150 ( NO ADSB), 2-CP-135 Audio Panels, 1-ID-124 VOR/GS Indicator, 1-Bendix ADF-2070, 1-IIMorrow/Garmin 3001 GPS, 1-remote compass system.  All electronics TSO'd.  2-New 8.00x6 6ply Michelin Tires with 2-new Cessna Wheels, the old ones had some corrosion, 2- original wheel pants, wing & tail strobes. Paint:  Dupont Imron, 50/50 mix of Light/Dark Firethorn (Burgundy/metal Flake Red) over Appliance White.  I rate the paint at 8.  Interior is a 1-2 rating. Seats, side panels need to be reupholstered, and the headliner(it's about a 3-4) may need to be replaced. Thats about all I can think of at this moment.  If anyone is interested, contact me, and I can try and email you a picture my baby, not really good with computers. I was not concerned about the interior look, put my money under the cowl. We have owned her since 1976, and she has been hangered most of the time. She's a great "BIRD", flies straight. & true. I have flown her all over the US, to Mexico & Alaska.  "There is a time for all seasons", and my flying season time has come to a close.  
Price:  $150,000.

Antique Spanish/Mexican Carved Doors Linen Cabinet about 6 feet tall,  4 feet wide, 16 inches deep. Color is a very dark brown, and is very well-made and is in good condition.  Asking $150.00 

A custom-made Red-Oak Rolltop desk, about 50 inches tall, 54 inches wide, 24 inches deep. almost new condition Beautiful craftsmanship. Cost $1500, when made.  Asking $350.00


  The next monthly VASC Board of Directors meeting

has been rescheduled for 6:00 pm, September 28th, 2023, at the home of Jim and Collette Grady, 15725 Elk Circle, Brighton, CO 80603


Currently, the VASC Board of Directors is comprised of:  

Ed Cole, Treasurer, Block 1A Representative

Maureen Bendure, Block 1B Representative

Tom Edwards, Block 2A Representative

John Conroy, President, Block 2B Representative

Brandon Jewett, At-large Representative


 Visitors and guests

Non-resident visitors and guests of residents wishing to use the Van Aire Skyport Runway, or utilize the Community Common Areas are advised that they do so at their own risk. 


Non-resident visitors are required to complete a Release and Indemnification To Use Airstrip form and familiarize themselves with the Van Aire Skyport Airport Rules and Regulations and the provisions of FAA  Advisory Circular AC 90-66C NON-TOWERED AIRPORT OPERATIONS (available at the links below).  After completion, the form may then e-mailed to


Guests of Van Aire Skyport residents will be supervised at all times by their resident sponsors and are expected to be familiar and comply with our Van Aire Skyport Corporation AIRPORT RULES AND REGULATIONS, and the provisions of FAA  Advisory Circular AC 90-66C NON-TOWERED AIRPORT OPERATIONS.  Both documents may be found under the "Pages and Links to both documents are provided below:   


VASC Airport Rules and Regulations  


AC 90-66C Non-towered Airport Operations 


Release and Indemnification To Use Airstrip Rev1 


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