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Annual Fly-in Picnic

 The Annual Van Aire Picnic was a success despite the fact that inclement weather on the scheduled date of September 10 necessitated rescheduling the event to the next day, September 11 am .  The weather was typical for autumn in Colorado, clear skies, calm winds, and very comfortable temperatures.  The estimated attendance was about 60 people.  The burgers and brats were hot and ready to eat by 11 or so, and the party endured until about 2:45 pm.  By all accounts, a good time was had by all.  Many thanks to VASC Board President, John Conroy, Board Member Bill Teater, and Dan and Kathy Metz for their hard work in putting it all together and making it happen despite the scheduling problems.  


Special Membership Meeting

The Special Membership meeting was held as scheduled at 10:00 am on Saturday, September 17, at Bill Teaters hangar.  The event was well attended with 53 members or their proxies present.  The first order of business was the election of an At-Large Board Representative.  The Board is pleased to announce that Mr. Tom Thrall was the people's choice for this position.  The Board heartily welcomes Mr. Thrall to the At-Large Representative position. 

Following the At-Large representative election, the Board made a detailed PowerPoint presentation on the proposed Walking/Biking Path, which was followed by a lenghty and spirited discussion.  A motion to approve funding for the project was made and seconded.  Tne measure was defeated by one vote, 26 yea,to 27 nay votes. 

The last order of business was an informational PowerPoint presentation with regard to HB22-1137, the recently enacted Colorado law amending and enhancing the regulations governing how Common Interest Communities handle collections, enforcement of covenants and payment of assessments.  We were fortunate enough to have Ms. Kimberly Porter, an attorney specializing in CIC law on hand to answer detailed questions from the membership,  The general sense was that the membership learned a great deal about the law, and the statutory requirements and limits it places on CIC management. 

The Board wishes to thank Mr. Bill Teater for generously making his hangar availabe as a meeting venue on short notice.  

The Board also wishes to thank all the members who took time out of thier weekend activities to participate and actively enagage in the managment of their community.  It is volunteer efforts and participation like that exhibited today that assures our community management is for the membership, by the membership. 


                        Mail-in Ballot for Walking/Biking Path 

As a consequence of balloting irregularities at the special membership meeting on September 17, that came to light several days subsequent to the meeting, the VASC Board of Directors determined that a mail-in ballot was necessary to insure that the will of the community regarding construction of the walking/biking path was accurately represented.  The election was held and once again the measure was defeated by a very small margin. 

Feedback from the membership indicates that many who voted against the measure were concerned about spending such a large sum of money for the walking/biking path without definitive assurance that runway resurfacing funds would be available when needed in coming years.  

Because this is first and foremost a safety issue, it is the Board's intenton to revisit the issue at the annual membership meeting in January, if anticipated funding becomes a reality. 



In the meantime, the Board requests all residents to exercise extreme caution if they choose to engage in other than aviation activities on the runway.   Please maintain situational awareness at all times and vacate the runway surface when it is apparent that an aircraft is intending to  land on or depart the runway.    

                   Next scheduled Board Meetings

The VASC Board will have a budget work session at 9:00 am on Tuedsay, December 6, 2022 at the residence of Mr. Bill Teater, at 15846 Delta Court, Brighton, CO 80603. 


The next regular monthly meeting of the VASC Board is scheduled for 9:00 am on Thursday, December 8, 2022 at the residence of Mr. Bill Teater, at 15846 Delta Court, Brighton, CO 80603. 


Visitors and guests wishing to enter or use the Van Aire Skyport Runway, or community common areas adjacent to the runway must complete a Release and Indemnification To Use Airstrip form.   This form must be completed by the aircraft PIC and any passengers (Scanned in as a PDF) then e-mailed to 

prior to landing, or entering the VASC common area. Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation in submitting this form.  The form may be downloaded from the "Pages and Links" section appearing below.   


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