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Van Aire Skyport is a private, residential fly-in community located just east of Brighton, Colorado, about 20 miles northeast of The Gateway to The Rocky Mountains, Denver, Colorado.




AGFINITY Will Be Spraying for Noxious Weeds This Week 

Van-Aire Skyport Residents:  Please be advised that AGFINITY has been contracted once again this year to spray the VASC Common Area for noxious weeds.  According to Don Smallwood, our resident Common Area farmer and point of contact with AGFINITY, they will be conducting spraying operations at VASC sometime during the week of June 18 through June 21.  That would be sometime in the next four days.  Don said they could not give him an exact time due to their own scheduling issues. 


VASC residents with pets may want to be aware that the spraying will occur, and avoid allowing your pets onto the Common Area when spraying is in progress (which should be less than two hours total time), and for a day or so after the spraying operation is completed, so your pets will not be exposed to the elements of the herbicides that are harmful to animals.   


Please accept our apologies for not having more specific information regarding the date and time, but this is the best information we have. 




Charles R. Elliston

VASC Website Administrator



The VASC Board of Directors met as scheduled at 6:30 pm on June 11th, at the Grady's Place, 15725 Elk Circle, Brighton, CO 80603. 

After reviewing the letters of oppopsistion to the propposed revisions to the VASC Airport Operating Rules and Regulations, and numerous membership requests for a special meeting to discusss the issue, the Board decided to schedule such a meeting in the near future.  Details will be forthcoming, shortly.         

Click on "Pages and Links" to view the most recent meeting minutes.  


The 2024 VASC Board of Directors is comprised of: 

Brandon Jewett, President, At-large Representative

Ed Cole, Treasurer, Block 1A Representative

Maureen Bendure, Block 1B Representative

Tom Edwards, Block 2A Representative

Carl "Buddy" Goeritz, Block 2B Representative



Visitors and guests

Non-resident visitors and guests of residents wishing to use the Van Aire Skyport Runway, or utilize the Community Common Areas are advised that they do so at their own risk.  


Non-resident visitors are required to complete a Release and Indemnification To Use Airstrip form and familiarize themselves with the Van Aire Skyport Airport Rules and Regulations and the provisions of FAA  Advisory Circular AC 90-66C NON-TOWERED AIRPORT OPERATIONS (available at the links below).  After completion, the form may then e-mailed to


Guests of Van Aire Skyport residents will be supervised at all times by their resident sponsors and are expected to be familiar and comply with our Van Aire Skyport Corporation AIRPORT RULES AND REGULATIONS, and the provisions of FAA Advisory Circular AC 90-66C NON-TOWERED AIRPORT OPERATIONS.  Both documents may be found under the "Pages and Links to both documents are provided below:


Van Aire Skyport Airport Operating Rules and Regulations


AC 90-66C Non-towered Airport Operations 


Release and Indemnification To Use Airstrip Rev1


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